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Elite Material Handling Equipment Provider

ePicker is an elite material handling equipment provider that helps maximize the efficiency of eCommerce transactions for a variety of applications and environments. With the company’s fleet of stackers, pallet jacks and access vehicles, ePicker vehicles operate everywhere you need them, every day.
In today’s fast-paced, global eCommerce environment, ePicker has a solution for every scenario. Whether picking small items or maneuvering between narrow aisles, ePicker's solutions maximize efficiency and provide added safety to employees.

Improve Your Operation in Every Way

Boost Efficiency

Having the right tools for the job always gets things done more quickly. Extremely versatile and highly maneuverable, our epic line of pallet jacks and forklifts are the perfect solution for any job.

Elevate Capacity

An elite picking experience is never out of reach with ePicker in your warehouse. With specialized solutions for every pick, the amount of storage in your operation just picked up.

Reach Easier

Hard to reach? Hardly a problem. ePicker delivers solutions to reach even the most challenging picks, allowing your operation to work smarter, not harder.

Upgrade Productivity

More efficiency, more capacity, more ease — this perfect union of proficiency, inventory, and simplicity will lift the bottomline of each and every operation.

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ePicker: The Everywhere Picking Solution

Ideal for all industries, these are a just a few select applications leveraging ePicker's elite picking solutions:

Ecommerce - ePicker


When time is of the essence and overnight delivery is promised, ePicker has a solution to keep orders moving as fast as checking out a shopping cart with your favorite retailer online.
Warehouse - ePicker


When shelves need to be restocked, and not a lot of time to do so, there is a tool within the ePicker fleet that can get the job done.
Delivery - ePicker

Delivery Fleet

Whether traveling across the warehouse or just to the next picking station, ePicker material handling solutions helps keep product moving quickly and efficiently.
Convenience - ePicker

Convenience Store

Convenience is key when ensuring fast-moving stock is there when it's needed. ePicker vehicles are great in tight spaces and help keep employees productive when time is of the essence.

Retail - ePicker


Warehouse operations can be diverse and demanding. Whether picking small items or moving larger inventory, ePicker’s fleet of products has an option to keep things running smoothly.
Manufacturing - ePicker


Manufacturing can take a lot of coordination, and moving products from one place to another is imperative when ensuring the process runs smoothly. ePicker can answer the call with its material handling solutions that keep manufacturing operations on track.

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