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E Picker Products Group - ePicker

Our Complete Line of Electrical Material Handling Equipment

Efficient. Powerful. ELECTRIC.

ePicker offers a full line of high-quality electric products including electric pallet jacks, stackers, work assist vehicles, lithium forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and lithium batteries. Our wide array of material handling equipment offers solutions for any indoor or outdoor business application like warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, retail and more.
Epicker Pallet Jacks - ePicker

Pallet Jacks

Designed to Help You Work Safe and Smart

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Epicker Stackers - ePicker


Designed to Economically Transport and Lift Pallets or Skids

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Epicker Lithium Forklifts - ePicker

Lithium Forklifts

Lithium-Ion Technology Stores More Electricity for a Longer Period

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Epicker Work Assist Vehicles - ePicker

Work Assist Vehicles

Designed for Operator Comfort, Accurate Steering, & Employee Safety

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Anantak Picker - ePicker

Automated Guided Vehicles

Get the Most Out of Automation in Your Warehouse

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Epicker Lithium Batteries - ePicker

Lithium Batteries

Lithium-Ion Technology Boosts Productivity

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Triangle White - ePicker
Technology - ePicker


When using more sophisticated equipment, the job is done more quickly and efficiently. ePicker elevates the everyday task to a better experience.
Safety - ePicker


By reducing employee strain and injury, production goals are met and business continues to move at the speed of the modern supply chain.
Efficiency - ePicker


Through leveraging new technology and time saving features, like Lithium Ion powered options, ePicker makes a way to increase ROI quickly.
Quality - ePicker


ePicker is built to last, and take the wear and tear of a 24/7 environment. Whether ecommerce, retail, manufacturing or warehouse, ePicker has the right tool to get the job done with less downtime.