ePicker Complete Line of Electric Material Handling Equipment

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Pallet Jacks

Lithium Pallet Jack X - ePicker

Lithium Pallet Jack

Model EPT12L
Capacity: 2600 lbs.

The ePicker Lithium Pallet Jack (EPT12L) is a new product created to help you work safe, and work smart. If you have...
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Electric Pallet Jack X - ePicker

Electric Pallet Jack

Model EPT15
Capacity: 3000 lbs.

The ePicker Electric Pallet Jack (EPT15) is a new product created to help you work safe, and work smart. If you...
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Lithium Pallet Truck Hero - ePicker

Lithium Pallet Truck

Model EPT20L
Capacity: 4000 lbs.

The EPT20L Lithium-ion powered pallet truck takes material handling to the next level and matches the right tool for maximum...
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Mono Mast Stacker X - ePicker

Forkover Stacker

Model ES10-62R
Capacity 2200 lbs.

The ePicker Forkover Stackers are designed to economically transport and lift pallets or skids in the tightest area possible. The...
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Walkie Straddle Stacker X - ePicker

Walkie Straddle Stacker

Model ES10-62 / 96 / 116 / ES15-128
Capacity: 2200 lbs. - 3000 lbs.

Of all the types of equipment you can use to move or lift pallets, the ePicker Walkie Straddle Stackers deliver the most capability...
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Work Assist Vehicles

Electric Access Vehicle X - ePicker

Electric Access Vehicle

Model JX0-118
Working Height up to 16’

The ePicker JX0-118 Electric Access Vehicle is a compact and flexible solution for environments looking to replace ladders...
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Task Support Vehicle

Model JX1-126 / 162 / 192
Working Height up to 22'

Ideal for warehouse, eCommerce, retail and other industrial and commercial applications, the ePicker Task Support ...
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Jx Hd Hero - ePicker

Super Task Support Vehicle

Model JX1HD-162 / 210
Working Height up to 24’

The Super Task Support Vehicle out-performs other order pickers and utility vehicles that are currently on the market for...
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Low Level Order Picker X - ePicker

Low Level Order Picker

Model JX2-72
Working height up to 12’

The ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is the ideal tool for companies looking to increase pick locations and pick...
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Mid Level Order Picker X - ePicker

Mid Level Order Picker

Model JX2-126 / 144
Working height up to 18’

The ePicker Mid-Level Order Pickers (JX2-126/144) combine compact design and exceptional maneuverability of our ePicker...
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Lithium Forklifts

Explxe - ePicker

Lithium Forklift

Model EFLX18
Capacity 3700 lbs.

The EFLX18 is a lithium-ion forklift featuring a fully-integrated power source that can run virtually non-stop in most...

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