ePicker Work Assist Vehicles

A solution for every business scenario – these Work Assist Vehicles are ideal for various warehouse, e-Commerce, retail, and commercial applications to get the job done. Ranging from 12’ to 24’ working heights, ePicker units provide flexibility and safety for all operations.

Electric Access Vehicle

Model JX0-118
Working Height up to 16’

The ePicker JX0-118 Electric Access Vehicle is a compact and flexible solution for environments looking to replace ladders...
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Task Support Vehicle

Model JX1-126 / 162 / 192
Working Height up to 22'

Ideal for warehouse, eCommerce, retail and other industrial and commercial applications, the ePicker Task Support ...
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Super Task Support Vehicle

Model JX1HD-162 / 210
Working Height up to 24’

The Super Task Support Vehicle out-performs other order pickers and utility vehicles that are currently on the market for...
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Low Level Order Picker

Model JX2-72
Working height up to 12’

The ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is the ideal tool for companies looking to increase pick locations and pick...
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Mid Level Order Picker

Model JX2-126 / 144
Working height up to 18’

The ePicker Mid-Level Order Pickers (JX2-126/144) combine compact design and exceptional maneuverability of our ePicker...
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